Dawn of Empires

RELEASE NOTES build 202109A

New Features & Improvements

  • Attack Effects has now been added to certain units.
  • Spearmen added as a new unit at the “Barrack”.
  • Workshop has now been added as a building.
  • Catapult has now been added as a unit to the Workshop.
  • Huge Stone added.
  • Catapult attack effect has been added.
  • Resource gathering system updated.
  • Updated construction cost for certain buildings and units.
  • Walls have now been implemented as level design.
  • Some hostile buildings & units have been added inside the “fort”.
  • Player accounts have now been implemented with a database.
  • Hotkeys have now been added to all buildings and units.
  • Moved starting position for “Player 2” from south to north.
  • Camera on Minimap has now been added.
  • Added construction menu & exit construction menu for Engineer.
  • New icons added for the train station, train, left&right track.
  • Added required resources on all buildings with “Yellow”.

Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fixed an issue where food sometimes turned into a tree.
  • Food can now be dropped off at Windmill.
  • Lumberjacks can no longer gather food.
  • Small Stones can now be gathered by up to 3 workers
  • Medium Stones can not be gathered by up to 6 workers
  • Huge Stones can now be gathered by up to 15 workers
  • Updated texture on Capital
  • Fixed multiplayer spawn of certain units.
  • Remade Option button from in-game UI.
  • Selecting Sound lowered from train/train station.
  • Exit buttons/return to the main menu now works.
  • The map is not brighter than before.
  • Added minimum attack distance on certain units
  • AI navigation has now been slightly improved


Move camera: (Up,down,left,right).

Select: (Left mouse button).

De-select: (Right mouse button)

Box select: (Select and hold the left mouse button).

Zoom: (Mousewheel up/down).

Change viewport: (Press and hold the middle mouse button).

Rotate buildings: (Q and E).

Group units: (Select units press ctrl+1. then 1 to instantly select them).

Camera follows: (Select any unit and press space).


Hot keys

Updated 31/7-2021

A – Attack move
B – Build menu
X – Back from the menu
C – Collect resources
E – Rotate building clockwise
Q – Rotate building counter clockwise
W – Move up

Page up – Zoom in
Page down – Zoom out


To build a lumberjack B (Build menu) + L (Lumberjack)

To build a lumberjack B (Build menu) + B (Barrack)

New build | August



We have improved our railway system so that the experience of connecting the railway tracks, AI, path finding, sound, physics, acceleration of the locomotive and other gameplay elements. Make sure to try this out!

Hot keys


We have added several quick commands to optimize the gameplay

New menu in Dawn of Empires


We have done a lot of improvements e.g. added a separate menu to the engineer