Events and news from the developers of the RTS game Dawn of Empires that is about to be launched shortly… and there’s a brand new faction arriving soon.


Hot keys

Updated 31/7-2021

A – Attack move
B – Build menu
X – Back from the menu
C – Collect resources
E – Rotate building clockwise
Q – Rotate building counter clockwise
W – Move up

Page up – Zoom in
Page down – Zoom out


To build a lumberjack B (Build menu) + L (Lumberjack)

To build a lumberjack B (Build menu) + B (Barrack)

New build | August



We have improved our railway system so that the experience of connecting the railway tracks, AI, path finding, sound, physics, acceleration of the locomotive and other gameplay elements. Make sure to try this out!

Hot keys


We have added several quick commands to optimize the gameplay

New menu in Dawn of Empires


We have done a lot of improvements e.g. added a separate menu to the engineer