DoE Update 202107a

New Features & Improvements

  • Improved AI
    This month we have put much focus towards the AI and made a lot of improvement in this sector, greatly improving the navigation, AI behaviour, and the general feeling of the game.
  • Code signing certificate
    We have now packaged our installer with a code signing certificate validated by a trusted provider that lets you install and play the game safely without any warnings or errors.
  • Graphic Settings
    We added a new Settings tab in the main menu that lets you select your preferred graphic settings.
  • Multi Region
    From the Settings tab, you can now also select your preferred region when playing online multiplayer
  • Alternative build for investors seated in China mainland

Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Unit Progress bar is no longer be shown on all buildings.
  • Archer damage/projectile speed is now lowered.
  • God Mode is now added (But turned off by default).
  • Fixed a weird bug where enemies flipped back and forth while chasing a unit.
  • Fixed issue with Warrior and Archer being replaced with a synchronous random in multiplayer sync
  • Fixed bug where attack move could be used regardless if a unit was selected.
  • Camera has been Updated
  • New Attack move script
  • Rallypoint has now been added to buildings