• DoE Update 202112a
    New Features & Improvements Added new sound for Airport, Berseker, Spearmen, Warrior, Archer Engineer now has an additional building menu (Advanced Construction Menu) Added Climate Areas on the map (Different for every player starting location) Added new Mountain (Is harvestable) Added Glacier (Is harvestable) Added several new model variations of trees depending on your starting […]
  • DoE Update 202111a
    New Features & Improvements Fog of War is now way thicker. Added Air Factory Added an additional player for Multiplayer you can now play as 3 Players. Added HUD and GUI Icons Added Balloon Scout Texture Remake for Balloons. Sounds have been added to several units, buildings, and upgrades. Added FX effects for buildings and […]
  • DoE Update 202110a
    New Features & Improvements Buildings can now catch fire. Player accounts has now been implemented. Several upgrades has now been added. Bug Fixes & Tweaks All types of screen resolutions should now work as intended. Added explosion effects on all buildings. New projectile for catapult. Added new building outpost. Added new upgrade “Miner” tier 2. […]
  • DoE Update 202109a
    New Features & Improvements Attack Effects has now been added to certain units. Spearmen added as a new unit at the “Barrack”. Workshop has now been added as a building. Catapult has now been added as a unit to the Workshop. Huge Stone added. Catapult attack effect has been added. Resource gathering system updated. Updated […]
  • DoE Update 202108a
    New Features & Improvements TransportationWe have improved our railway system so that the experience of connecting the railway tracks, AI, path finding, sound, physics, acceleration of the locomotive and other gameplay elements. GUIWe have added a separate menu to the engineer. Hot-KeysWe have added several quick commands to optimize the gameplay Bug Fixes & Tweaks […]