• DoE Update 202203a
    New Features & Improvements Major Network: When a player leaves, all of its units will become invincible Network: DoE now supports 6 players AI: If a resource collecting unit is far from the center and any delivery place it should not start fetching unless it’s instructed to do so (e.g. by right-clicking on the resources) […]
  • DoE Update 202202a
    New Features & Improvements Major Network Update (+ Playtested DoE together with 5 players) Added Freeze in Multiplayer to wait for all players before a start. Added a Major change to the sound system (FMOD) Removed Spawn with Guild Hall. Added Spawn for your selected General. All Generals now spawn with an Engineer. You can […]
  • DoE Update 202201a
    Bug Fixes & Tweaks Game Speed Modifier has now been added for the DevMode. Three Players can now play together in Multiplayer. Added a more efficient collaboration system. Fixed error when two of the same units type are fighting (Solved) Change map now work as intended (DevMode) (Solved) Fixed issue when melee unit sometimes attacked […]
  • DoE Update 202112a
    New Features & Improvements Added new sound for Airport, Berseker, Spearmen, Warrior, Archer Engineer now has an additional building menu (Advanced Construction Menu) Added Climate Areas on the map (Different for every player starting location) Added new Mountain (Is harvestable) Added Glacier (Is harvestable) Added several new model variations of trees depending on your starting […]
  • DoE Update 202111a
    New Features & Improvements Fog of War is now way thicker. Added Air Factory Added an additional player for Multiplayer you can now play as 3 Players. Added HUD and GUI Icons Added Balloon Scout Texture Remake for Balloons. Sounds have been added to several units, buildings, and upgrades. Added FX effects for buildings and […]