RELEASE NOTES build 202109A

New Features & Improvements

  • Attack Effects has now been added to certain units.
  • Spearmen added as a new unit at the “Barrack”.
  • Workshop has now been added as a building.
  • Catapult has now been added as a unit to the Workshop.
  • Huge Stone added.
  • Catapult attack effect has been added.
  • Resource gathering system updated.
  • Updated construction cost for certain buildings and units.
  • Walls have now been implemented as level design.
  • Some hostile buildings & units have been added inside the “fort”.
  • Player accounts have now been implemented with a database.
  • Hotkeys have now been added to all buildings and units.
  • Moved starting position for “Player 2” from south to north.
  • Camera on Minimap has now been added.
  • Added construction menu & exit construction menu for Engineer.
  • New icons added for the train station, train, left&right track.
  • Added required resources on all buildings with “Yellow”.

Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fixed an issue where food sometimes turned into a tree.
  • Food can now be dropped off at Windmill.
  • Lumberjacks can no longer gather food.
  • Small Stones can now be gathered by up to 3 workers
  • Medium Stones can not be gathered by up to 6 workers
  • Huge Stones can now be gathered by up to 15 workers
  • Updated texture on Capital
  • Fixed multiplayer spawn of certain units.
  • Remade Option button from in-game UI.
  • Selecting Sound lowered from train/train station.
  • Exit buttons/return to the main menu now works.
  • The map is not brighter than before.
  • Added minimum attack distance on certain units
  • AI navigation has now been slightly improved


Move camera: (Up,down,left,right).

Select: (Left mouse button).

De-select: (Right mouse button)

Box select: (Select and hold the left mouse button).

Zoom: (Mousewheel up/down).

Change viewport: (Press and hold the middle mouse button).

Rotate buildings: (Q and E).

Group units: (Select units press ctrl+1. then 1 to instantly select them).

Camera follows: (Select any unit and press space).